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Man Made Solutions, company overview:

Man Made Solutions (M M S) is an independent solution provider operating in the 'New Technology' sector of the Information and Communications Technology industry (ICT). Within the ICT market, knowledge based technical services are recognised as major factors for early market adoption of new products and new concepts.

Man Made Solutions provides guidance, troubleshooting, implementation, training and management services in the broad scope of the ICT sector to its partners.

Operationally, we provide a cohesive integrated set of services utilising the competencies, synergies and experience gained through years of deployment.

  Listed below is a brief summary of the services portfolio:

Digital Storage Workflow - encompassing HW & SW optimisation,

Fibre Channel – Design, implementation, specification, R&D,

Storage Management – Implementation, specification, training and design,

Due diligence - technical feasibility, health checks, troubleshooting,

Implementation - operational assistance, planning and Installation,

Training - Technology, Applications, Hardware, Administration.


  The approach is simple and uncomplicated:

Focus on client needs without force-fitting pre-determined solutions

Focus on client objectives rather than narrow technical perspectives

Employ a collaborative approach with partner / user involvement

Emphasis on transferral of knowledge, enabling self reliance

Absolute confidentiality

Target markets are "business-to-business", where specialist skills are supplied enabling clients to fill skills shortages on an ad-hoc basis by utilising independent specialists.

The skills inventory includes: extensive understanding of Digital Workflow, Fibre Channel, SCSI, RAID, Communications, Data construction, File format manipulation, Hardware interfacing, Software interfacing & Data transfer protocols, Multiple Operating systems knowledge, Implementation / Project planning, Hardware Storage R & D / Configuration & Integration etc.

As a knowledge based company Man Made Solutions does not resell any hardware in order to protect it's integrity as an independent solution provider.


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